CXLOE – Tough Love (Stripped) | New Music – Conversations About Her

CXLOE – Tough Love (Stripped) | New Music

Conversations About Her

CXLOE – Tough Love (Stripped) | New Music


CXLOE the indie pop singer from Sydney has released a new hauntingly powerful stripped down version her hit chart single titled “Tough Love” via Young & Vicious. The singer who comes from a background of music and arts has an ethereal mix of pop, electronic and some elements of R&B sound in her music.


The song “Tough Love” went number 1 in 3 weeks at in Spotify´s Viral Hits Chart and was even played on Australia´s big radio station Triple J.


CXLOE explains about that the single: “”Tough Love was written from a place of angst and frustration. I’ve had this song boiling in me for a while, I have felt that my kindness gets mistaken for weakness; often leading to being underestimated and misjudged. So in essence encouraging that when it gets tough, get tougher.


The stripped version of this song uncovers the vulnerability behind the lyrics; transforming all angst into hurt. I wanted to reveal a different side to not only me but the meaning behind the lyrics. As an artist that is the most exciting part; getting to show the many sides of our complicated hearts and brains.”


Listen to CXLOE new single here:




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