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Dan Croll – One Of Us | New Music

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Dan Croll – One Of Us | New Music



Dan Croll feeds us a little taster of what’s yet to come in next year’s sophomore album, with the release of single “One of Us”. Talking about the single and how he’s adapted his sound, Croll says: “I’ve challenged and pushed myself further than I have ever done before, and ‘One Of Us’ marks the start of what’s to come. There were all kinds of influences the song—some of the more psych-pop noises and flourishes came from inspirations like Tame Impala and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop’s John Baker“.


He continued: “The energy came from listening to a lot of bands like Foals or Unknown Mortal Orchestra, but the real balls of the song came from bands like Queen and Black Sabbath“. Excited to hear the emergence of these influences in his new sound, changes already have made themselves known combining a mix of psychedelia and surf rock in this latest melody.


Then again, his first album Sweet Disarray did not remain monogamous to one genre solely. The beauty of the record existed in its capability to infuse different sounds to work harmoniously alongside each other in a light-hearted, fun poppy fashion. Dan Croll continues to do precisely that with his latest catchy track “One Of Us”, which you can listen to below:




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