David Oyelowo Cast In Thriller ‘Only You’ | Film News

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David Oyelowo Cast In Thriller ‘Only You’ | Film News


David Oyelowo (Selma, Jack Reacher, The Butler) has been cast in Jacob EstesOnly You for Blumhouse Pictures. From what little information so far released about the project, it being described as a thriller involving time travel.


The film will be both written and directed by Estes, who recently wrote the screenplay for Rings, but also wrote and directed Mean Creek.


Perhaps the larger intrigue comes from the fact the film will be produced by Blumhouse, who have been on a roll lately when it comes to horrors and thrillers. Following M.Night Shyamalan‘s successful Split, Jordan Peele‘s Get Out went on to achieve critical acclaim and became the second highest grossing horror film of all time after 1973’s The Exorcist.


Thus, Only You sounds intriguing despite its so-far limited details. Perhaps Blumhouse are becoming the new A24, where every release, regardless of content, is met with excitement thanks to their track record. With Oyelowo and Estes on board, this could turn into another hit.



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