Disney Have Found Their Young Han Solo in Alden Ehrenreich | Film News

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Disney Have Found Their Young Han Solo in Alden Ehrenreich | Film News


After months of speculations about one of Hollywood’s most coveted roles, the announcement came in via Variety, quite fittingly, 2 days after the national Star Wars holiday.


The young actor was previously reported to be one of the frontrunners and we are sure that his breakout role in the Cohens’ Hail Caesar! caught Disney’s eye. Meanwhile, his filmography will be probably scrutinized by fans, eager to learn more about the new face who will play Harrison Ford’s iconic character.


The film, which is expected to start shooting sometime early next year is helmed by Phil George and Chris Miller, the duo behind The Lego Movie. They will direct from a script written by the Star Wars guru scriptwriter Lawrence Kasdan and his son, Jon. Little is known about the plot but the writers have made it known that this will not be your typical origin story and with the stellar creative team behind it we are pretty much on board with that decision.


The as of yet untitled Han Solo anthology film will debut on May 28th, 2018 but there are rumours that we can see a Alden Ehrenreich make his debut as the charming rogue in a cameo for Rogue One this year. In the meantime, you can check the featurette below, which showcases his acting and action chops in Hail Caesar, where he takes on the role of an actor, famous for his cowboy roles. It’s ample evidence of his skills, since Han Solo is, at his core, a space cowboy.




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