DJ Envy + DJ Sliink and Fetty Wap – Text Ur Number | Music Video

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DJ Envy + DJ Sliink and Fetty Wap – Text Ur Number | Music Video


The American DJ Raashaun Casey also known better as DJ Envy announced last month that he was going to unveil his new and forthcoming album titled Just A Kid from Queens early next year via Commission Music/BMG.


In a chat with XXL, DJ Envy gives an explanation of the title of his upcoming album. “I came up with that title because when I grew up in Queens, I never expected any of this. I majored in marketing and business management and I always thought I´d graduate school, get myself a Wall Street job, something like that”.


He continues with: “And I told myself I´d give myself a year to do music and then everything just took off so, it´s just like, damn I´m just a kid from queens who actually made it”.


Now the official video for his single “Text Ur Number” featuring DJ Sliink and Fetty Wap is out now. Check out the dope video below here.




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