‘Doctor Zhivagoo’ Star Omar Sharif Dies Aged 83 | Film News

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‘Doctor Zhivagoo’ Star Omar Sharif Dies Aged 83 | Film News


Three time Golden Globe winner and Oscar Award nominee Omar Sharif has passed away this afternoon (July 10). Egyptian-born Sharif has been decorated for his work in the 1962 epic Lawrence of Arabia and for playing the title role in the film adaptation of Boris Pasternak’s 1957 novel Doctor Zhivago, to name a few. His agent told the public that Sharif had suffered from a heart attack in a hospital in Cairo, and passed shortly after.


Earlier this year, his son Tarek El-Sharif told El Mundo newspaper that his father had been struggling with Alzheimer’s disease. Sharif’s legacy will live on long after his death – he was a staple in the later years of Hollywood’s Golden Era. Time is the ultimate deciding factor; therefore, the fact that Sharif’s films have remained relevant for over half a century is certainly a telling sign of his abilities. His performances will be remembered fondly and have continued to touch audiences long after their original release dates.



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