Donnie Trumpet + Chance The Rapper – The First Time | New Music

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Donnie Trumpet + Chance The Rapper – The First Time | New Music

Donnie Trumpet 24.04.2016ANDREW


Donnie Trumpet has shared a new 10 minute long track, titled “The First Time”, featuring Chance The Rapper. Previously, they worked together on last years critically acclaimed Surf, the Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment project of which Chance is a member of. This track serves as a mix of Surf‘s unreleased material segued into one long track to celebrate its one year anniversary.


The track finishes at just under 11 minutes long, with a variety of upbeat sections, quiet, almost acoustic sections and some more jazzy or gospel sounding sections. It makes a lot of use of highly worked vocal samples in many areas, and constantly plays around with itself, occasionally sounding quite experimental, much like it’s source material




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