‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Sequel Moves Forward | Film News

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‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Sequel Moves Forward | Film News


Tom Cruise‘s sci-fi thriller Edge of Tomorrow (otherwise known as Live. Die. Repeat.) is gaining momentum for a sequel. The action film starred Cruise as William Cage caught in a time loop; British actress Emily Blunt played Sergeant Rita Rose Vrataski who tried to help Cage break free from said loop. The film was a sleeper hit, grossing over $100 million at the US box-office and $270 million internationally.


Screenwriters Jo Shrapnel and Anna Whitehouse are going to be writing the sequel. Doug Lineman is also thought to be returning to direct, along with the writer of the first film, Christopher McQuarrie, who is in talks to produce. It is unconfirmed if Blunt or Cruise will return for the sequel.



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