Elizabeth Banks To Star In ‘Power Rangers’ Reboot | Film News

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Elizabeth Banks To Star In ‘Power Rangers’ Reboot | Film News



Looks like the Lionsgate reimagining of the classic children’s television show is well under way, as it finally casts the actress who would play the iconic villain Rita Repulsa.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hunger Games and Pitch Perfect star Elizabeth Banks has signed on to play the villain in the film, which would seem that all of the major roles have been fulfilled.


For those who are unfamiliar or have simply forgotten, Rita Repulsa was the major antagonist of the first season of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. She appeared throughout the rest of the series, and even during the later iterations of the franchise.


The reboot has driven particular interest from fans, as though the details regarding its direction is yet to be revealed, there have been suggestions that the movie will carry dark themes. It would be quite an interesting take for the series, especially from a popular children’s show.



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