Erik Bauersfeld, Iconic ‘Star Wars’ Voice Actor, Dies Aged 93 | Film News

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Erik Bauersfeld, Iconic ‘Star Wars’ Voice Actor, Dies Aged 93 | Film News

Admiral Ackbar


It has been announced that Erik Bauersfeld, the voice of Star Wars icon Admiral Ackbar, has passed away aged 93.


It was in 1983 that Erik Bauersfeld first voiced Admiral Ackbar in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Although it hasn’t been until recent years that the gravelly and bizarre-looking military commander has become a Star Wars icon.


He is best remembered for uttering one of the most oft quoted lines from the franchise. During the final battle of the saga, the Rebel Fleet arrive in the Endor system to destroy the second Death Star only to be ambushed by the Imperial Fleet. Realising his situation, Ackbar astutely remarks: “It’s a trap!” It’s a line as famous to Star Wars fans as “No, I am your father“.


Riding on a new wave of appreciation, Bauersfeld reprised his Mon Calamari Admiral in The Force Awakens, a touching cameo of a beloved Star Wars character. Less known but equally as important, Bauersfeld also lent his vocal talents to Jabba the Hutt’s right-hand man, Bib Fortuna, and a host of other characters in Star Wars video games.


Despite becoming such an icon within his franchise, Bauersfeld claims that he fell into voice-acting by accident. Working as a radio producer, Bauersfeld was asked by Star Wars sound designer Ben Burtt to voice a new character.


[Burtt] showed me the picture of Admiral Ackbar, and I did it. I saw the face, and I knew what he must sound like.


A humble individual, he was both flattered and confused by the attention he received from fans.


I don’t remember the first request for an autograph, but I was quite pleased. I thought, ‘My God, somebody is actually writing to me about something that I almost don’t remember doing.’


According to his manager, Erik Bauersfeld passed away peacefully in his California home.



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