Everything Everything – No Reptiles | Music Video

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Everything Everything – No Reptiles | Music Video

Everything Everything band press image from  ash.collins@sonymusic.com


This video gives you the chills. It’s the fact that the lyrics are so elegantly and beautifully sung, yet the visuals are catastrophically disturbing. This clash of emotions is likely what Everything Everything wants you to feel as you experience their new music video for “No Reptiles”. This track directly covers the current issue of gun crimes and violence in a unique manner, chanting “Oh baby it’s alright, it’s alright to feel like a fat child in a pushchair old enough to run, Old enough to fire a gun” throughout.


Jonathan Higgs fast paced falsetto mumbling and whistling sets the eerie mood, performing in a dingy basement each member of the band starts randomly getting shot, leading to a vast amount blood drooping down making the final scene in Taxi Driver look like a picnic. The track builds and builds, concluding in a powerful a crescendo.




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