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F.Stokes – Doctor Doctor | New Music

Conversations About Her

F.Stokes – Doctor Doctor | New Music



Rodney Lucas aka F.Stokes (FDotStokes) is a rapper who raps about his earlier life or his own stories of incidences that happened to him then and now. He can approach different situations when he is MCing, which are common to many people all over the world. Unfortunately these situations often are hard to digest, such as domestic violence, shame, insecurity, but he also raps often about love and how to conquer it.


He was born in South Side Chicago, and then moved to Madison, Winsconsin and his final destination was N.Y.C. where he went when he was 19 and he is still living there.


His newest song is called “Doctor Doctor” and its music is influenced by old rap records of the eighties era. It has an easy going storytelling concept and he musically takes us on a journey, telling us among others his feeling and thoughts about his Mcing experience.




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