Fil Bo Riva – Franzis | Music Video – Conversations About Her

Fil Bo Riva – Franzis | Music Video

Conversations About Her

Fil Bo Riva – Franzis | Music Video



In support of the release of his If You’re Right, It’s Alright debut EP, out now, Fil Bo Riva has come forward with a video clip for the project’s track, “Franzis”. The Berlin-based half-Italian, half-Irish 24 year old, real name Filippo Bonamic, accompanied Joan As Police Woman and Benjamin Lazar Davis across their UK and European tour recently.


“Franzis” is a particularly odd and curious song, with clicking of tongues and sedate guitar with gravelly vocals. It builds moody, bass and drum tight yet sparse. Licks of funky guitar are then joined by a closing minute that veers in a direction perhaps unexpected. Like doubt or ill feeling, maybe, before resuming as normal.


The visuals, directed by Ariane Døring and produced by Lucien Strauch, comprise, largely of a, let us say, more elderly couple twirling on the dancefloor. Younger people in the room then take their cue from them, rather than the other way round. The closing credits then see Riva himself dance on that floor; all on his own, though.




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