Final Scenes Of ‘Downton Abbey’ Filmed At The Ritz | TV News

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Final Scenes Of ‘Downton Abbey’ Filmed At The Ritz | TV News


The final ever episode of hugely popular British TV series, Downton Abbey, was shot at The Ritz on Friday morning (August 14). It is said that the occasion was very emotional and many members of the show’s production team were dressed in 1920s fashion and were extras in the Ritz’s lavish ballroom, whilst vintage cars, including a Rolls-Royce, were parked outside in Piccadilly. Jim Carter, who plays butler Carson, said “midnight at the Ritz – that’s the very end“, when he was speaking at a preview of the sixth and final series on Thursday.


The Clarence pub opposite the hotel acted as a base for the extras and make-up teams. The pub’s regulars were joined by dozens of women in curlers, crossing the busy road to the hotel in the early hours. A source at the shoot said that, “some of the cast filled up and the sound guy and one of the grips – two big blokes – were in floods of tears“. The filming marked the end of a very emotional week for both the cast and crew.


On Monday (August 10), Michelle Dockery, better known as Lady Mary Crawley, filmed her last scene in the servants’ hall. Similarly, Wednesday (August 12) was the final scenes for Carson and the rest of the staff. The final episode is likely to appear in a feature-length Christmas special to mark the end of the entire saga.



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