First Trailer For Biopic Of J.D. Salinger ‘Rebel In The Rye’ | Film Trailer

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First Trailer For Biopic Of J.D. Salinger ‘Rebel In The Rye’ | Film Trailer


The first trailer for Rebel In The Rye, a biopic of writer J.D. Salinger, has arrived. The film charts Salinger from his school days, learning from his professor and mentor Whit Burnett, fighting in and coming home from WWII all while trying to finish what would later be his defining masterpiece, The Catcher In The Rye.


The film stars Nicholas Hoult as Salinger and Kevin Spacey as Burnett, as well as Sarah Paulson, Zoey Deutch and Hope Davis. The film is written and directed by Danny Strong (Lee Daniels’ The Butler, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay).



The trailer above leans a little close to generic biopic territory and doesn’t give us more than a glimpse at what makes Salinger tick. Hopefully the final product is able to dive deeper into the writing process and how Salinger’s upbringing shaped his work.


Since The Catcher In The Rye will likely never be adapted into a film – Salinger’s estate has never allowed it – this might be the closest we’ll get. Rebel In The Rye opens in cinemas Friday, September 15.



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