FKA Twigs Releases Surprise EP ‘M3LL155X’ And Extended Visuals | New Music

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FKA Twigs Releases Surprise EP ‘M3LL155X’ And Extended Visuals | New Music


Quite out of the blue, FKA Twigs has just released a five-track EP entitled M3LL155X and a 16 minute-long short film which serves as a video for four of the five tracks on the EP. The visuals contain a dark medley of scenes that see Twigs modelling as a sex doll before giving birth and presiding over a fashion runway in a forest. In press material, the short film has been described as “an aggressive statement conceptualising the process of feeling pregnant with pain, birthing creativity and liberation“.


The EP features previously released “Figure 8” and “Glass & Patron” alongside three new tracks “I’m Your Doll“, “In Time” and “Mothercreep“. M3ll155X has been released by Young Turks and is available to stream and purchase now. You can check out the 16 minute epic below.




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