Florence Welch Releases First Ever Book 'Useless Magic' | Music News - Conversations About Her

Florence Welch Releases First Ever Book ‘Useless Magic’ | Music News

Conversations About Her

Florence Welch Releases First Ever Book ‘Useless Magic’ | Music News


Florence Welch, the spotlight of British music at the moment has decided, only shortly after releasing her latest album High As Hope, to give fans an exclusive way to get to know her more: a book.


Useless Magic is a complex of poems, thoughts, ‘behind the lyrics’ and short stories. The book is composed of four different parts, with each part representing one of Florence’s album: Lungs, Ceremonials, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful and High As Hope.




In each part, there is an explication for at least one of the songs from each album. For example, the section dedicated to High as Hope, she describes what she felt while reading “June” in a Chicago Hotel. And in other parts she shares her more intimate thoughts like her pride in being free of her addiction to drugs or being affected by food disorders.




She has definitely made her mother, a teacher at Queen Mary’s College, proud in some ways because she has told the press that she was always unhappy about her daughter’s decision to choose music after college because she believed that Florence was such an intelligent girl.



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