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Gabrielle Aplin – Miss You | New Music



The British singer and song writer, Gabrielle Aplin, is back with a new song, “Miss You”, which has just been released as a teaser for her upcoming EP.


This pop singer seems to be different from her usual style, with electronic beats in the background replacing the usual piano. Aplin is far from the acoustic love songs that she became famous for and that her fans are used to, but this doesn’t make “Miss You” any less impressive.


The upbeat song might be more suited for dancing wildly at a club rather than slow dancing at a wedding, and it makes a nice change from her usual work, showing that Aplin is still talented and also very flexible.


After years of writing the usual longing-filled songs, it could get tiring being always associated with break ups and tears. Although the style is more pop rather than indie, the lyrics are still about love and (obviously) missing someone.


This song only makes the release of her new EP more exciting, as we expect a great change from this talented 24-year old.




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