‘Game Of Thrones’: Season 6 Episode 7: The Broken Man | TV Review – Conversations About Her

‘Game Of Thrones’: Season 6 Episode 7: The Broken Man | TV Review

Conversations About Her

‘Game Of Thrones’: Season 6 Episode 7: The Broken Man | TV Review



You know this is going to be a special episode as it opens with a pre-credits cold scene.


As always the night is dark and full of SPOILERS.


The hound (Rory McCann) is revealed to be alive and helping Ian McShane‘s Septon and his small group of followers. He is an ex soldier that has a natural rapport with fan favourite The Hound. Alas ‘Lovejoy’ only lasts an episode as the Brotherhood without banners slaughter his followers. The Hound discovers this in a horrific but beautifully filmed scene as the episode closes on the Hound picking up an axe and returning to his principles of killing and revenge.


This is overall a disjointed episode that promises big fireworks before the end of the season. Bronn is also a pleasant return and a natural foil to Jamie Lannister who shows up to teach the Freys how to run a siege.


After much talk about him the Blackfish is finally seen hidden behind the walls of Riverrun. The guardian of House Tully seems to have accepted his fate will be intertwined with that of Riverrun.


The strength of this episode is in the writing from Bryan Cogman especially the strong female characters. As suspected Margaery is playing the Sparrow’s game on the surface as she warns her grandmother of the threat to her. This leads to a fiery exchange between Olenna and Cersei who despite their hatred may yet be united by their mutual distaste of the High Sparrow.


However the speech of the episode goes to newly introduced young lady of House Mormont who is inspired by the onion knight ser Davos. The other houses of the north are not so easy to persuade and Sansa looks set to reconsider Liitlefinger’s offer of help.


Arya’s storyline is given short shrift as she is predictably stabbed by the waif giving a disappointing anti climatic nature to their showdown that I hope escalates next week. Theon and his sister also briefly appear surrounded by plenty of boobs and announce their borrowed plan from their uncle to be the fleet for Daenerys.


A crowd pleasing return of some favourite characters but an episode that promises plenty more than it delivers.



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