GFRIEND – Fingertip (Choreography ver.) | Music Video

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GFRIEND – Fingertip (Choreography ver.) | Music Video


Despite Korean girl group GFRIEND’s fierce sound evolution from their earlier and girlier tracks, “Glass Bead” and “Rough”, the choreography version of their “Fingertip” music video proves the girls haven’t lost their dance skills!



“Fingertip”, the title track from their recently released EP, The Awakening, is an addictive dance track that features a funky synth melody and a powerful beat. The choreography video shows the girls following the dynamic beat with Lightning McQueen fast ease while keeping their movements clean and precise at the same time.


GFRIEND shot to fame after a fancam of the girls performing their later hit 2015 song, “Me Gustas Tu”, with gritted determination, despite several painful slips onstage, but they continue to prove why they deserve their spot as one of the currently most popular girl groups with their talent.


I’m not much of a dancer myself but the crisp and sharp dance movements were oddly satisfying to watch. Check out the choreography video above, and the music video for “Fingertip” below as well!




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