Ghetts + Rude Kid – Savage | Music Video – Conversations About Her

Ghetts + Rude Kid – Savage | Music Video

Conversations About Her

Ghetts + Rude Kid – Savage | Music Video

Ghetts 13.07.2016ANDREW


Rappers Ghetts and Rude Kid have come forward with the visuals for their new song, entitled “Savage”. This track, in turn, serves as one of eighteen songs appearing on the soundtrack for new, UK based gangster flick, The Intent. The latter will be available in selected UK cinemas, and digital download from iTunes, on Friday, July 29.


“Savage” opens creepily, and has deep, startling bass. The vocals are almost as startling, booming in your head, an earworm. Manic, evil laughter is also noted, amid the blasting of ill-gotten firearms. Even explosions are heard, or is that just the listener getting paranoid? The backdrop and ferocity of the raps certainly lends to that fear.


The video is a mix of confrontational rappers assailing the cameraman, along with more cinematic aspects like scenes from the film itself. A setting the video appears to return to is a church, perhaps where someone confesses their sins? Or, alternately, perhaps they are wrapped up in some kind of psychosis, whereby they justify the evil that men do?




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