‘Gogglebox’ Kids Special Coming To Channel 4 | TV News

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‘Gogglebox’ Kids Special Coming To Channel 4 | TV News


Gogglebox is a surprise hit for Channel 4 which lets us enter people’s living rooms all around the country to see their views about what’s on TV. It instantly became a hit, taking home multiple awards including a BAFTA and a National Television Award. Things might look a bit different for the Christmas special this year, with Digital Spy reporting the one-off special will see children up to the age of 13 giving their views on what’s on the telly.


This isn’t the first special Gogglebox has seen, with a celebrity edition filmed in support of the charity Stand Up To Cancer. Stars included Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher with his two model mates Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. We all know kids say the funniest things, so check out what they have to say when the special airs in the Christmas season.



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