‘Hell Or High Water’ Stars May Reteam For Netflix’s ‘Outlaw King’ | Film News

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‘Hell Or High Water’ Stars May Reteam For Netflix’s ‘Outlaw King’ | Film News


While Hell Or High Water was perhaps a surprise Best Picture nomination at the Oscars recently, the film was a hit with audiences and continued director David Mackenzie‘s ascension following his breakout hit Starred Up. He’s looking to find that same spark of magic once again.


Mackenzie and Hell or High Water stars Chris Pine and Ben Foster are in talks to reunite for Netflix’s Outlaw King, a period drama that would focus on King Robert The Bruce, who led his country to freedom from England.


Pine is lined up to play Bruce, Foster would play James Douglas, a Scottish knight who became the king’s chief advisor, while Mackenzie would direct from his own screenplay.


Following Bruce’s poor portrayal in 1995’s Braveheart, there seems to be a conscious attempt to not let William Wallace be the singular hero in the minds of Scotland.


Mackenzie’s recent work has expertly mixed the beautiful cinematography with the hellacious atrocities of prison life or murderous bank robbers. While Outlaw King has all the makings of a period drama, Mackenzie has all the tools at his disposal to make it something even more. Let’s just hope no ‘scheduling conflicts’ derail this enticing possibility.



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