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Hermitude – Gimme | New Music



Pioneers of the Australian trap scene Hermitude have taken a break from basking in the glow of their fifth studio album, Dark Night Sweet Light, to bring us their latest single “Gimme”.


The album, released May last year, marked a gradual shift from the sort of sound their fans have become accustomed to, with them opting for more vocal-oriented tracks in their overall production.


Yet, despite this move, the pair are still managing to please our ears plenty as they fuse traditional hip-hop influences with a Middle-Eastern hook and chanty vocal chops, which echo the Japanesque jam “Ukiyo” found on their latest album.


The comparison appears to stop there, however, when the track’s deep, dutty bassline intervenes along with elaborate percussions and pumping synths to create a song that is a little less radio-friendly than their songs of late, but by no means less enticing.




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