Hugh Jackman Charms In First Trailer for ‘The Greatest Showman’ | Film Trailer

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Hugh Jackman Charms In First Trailer for ‘The Greatest Showman’ | Film Trailer


“There’s no business like show business”, and it looks like we’ve got P.T.Barnum to thank for that in the first trailer for The Greatest Showman. Hugh Jackman stars as a modified version of the bankrupt-turned-circus-entrepreneur, with an abundance of charisma and hope.


The trailer promises magic and subtle splendour, possibly a more serious counterpart to Baz Luhrmann‘s, Moulin Rouge! (2001). The Greatest Showman certainly has a serious quality behind its production, yet still retains a positive and hopeful ethos that matches showbiz musicals of the past.


It’ll be the directing debut of Michael Gracey who is adapting the screenplay by Jenny Bicks and Bill Condon. More impressively, Pasek and Paul have written the songs, recognisable for their work on the critically acclaimed La La Land (2016), for which “City of Stars” won the Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Original Song.


However, it’s the cinematography that takes centre stage in the trailer, understandably with cinematographer Seamus McGarvey of The Hours (2002), Atonement (2007) and We Need To Talk About Kevin (2011) at the helm.


There should be no doubts that Hugh Jackman can deliver in this role, particularly after his impressive performance in the, albeit divisive, musical Les Miserables (2012). Zac Efron too returns to his musical roots that shot him to fame, namely the High School Musical series and, perhaps more proudly, Hairspray (2007). Michelle Williams, Zendaya and Rebecca Ferguson also star.


The musical will likely prove popular over the Christmas holidays thanks to its December 25 US release. Watch the trailer below for your daily dose of Hugh Jackman charm.




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