Inhuman Villain Lash Will Debut In ‘Agents Of Shield’ Season Three | TV News

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Inhuman Villain Lash Will Debut In ‘Agents Of Shield’ Season Three | TV News

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Season two’s Agents of Shield saw the dawning of a new age in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the alien race known as the Inhumans, casting a long shadow over the series. With season three revolving around Shield’s search for other Inhumans, they may come up against a Goliath of a problem as Marvel announced that former NFL footballer-turned-actor Matthew Willig will played the villainous Inhuman ‘Lash’.


Comic book fans may recognise the name, as Lash recently popped up in the ‘Inhumanity’ series of comics when Terrigen Mist was released on Earth transforming and granting powers to descendants of the Kree species on our planet. Described as a “monstrous human whose loyalties remain ambiguous“.


Agents of Shield looks set to deepen the growing mythology through introducing incarnations of the Inhumans on the small screen before they make their big screen debut in 2019. Expect Lash to butt heads with Skye’s (Chloe Bennet) ‘Secret Warriors’ when they both debut on ABC on September 29.


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