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Introducing New Dating App Based On Your Music Taste | Music News



In this post Generation X society, in which people are too broke to go out and socialising is a luxury, dating apps like Tinder are the new frontier when it comes to meeting your soulmate. In this sense, Bumble represent the newest innovation in online dating.


Instead of letting users decide whether they’re interested in someone or not solely based on their appearances, swiping right only if they find the other physically appealing, the app informs its subscribers about their suitors’ musical taste. As a matter of fact, the app is synched with the popular streaming service Spotify, so that every song you listen on it, it will be shown on your personal profile on Bumble.


You’re a fan of Madonna and the super hottie you were looking at is a die-hard little monster? With Bumble, you can swipe him left immediately and avoid the inevitable fanbase war that would have happened during your first disastrous date.



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