Jack White’s Bid To Play First Ever Vinyl Record In Space | Music News

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Jack White’s Bid To Play First Ever Vinyl Record In Space | Music News

Jack White 26.07.2016ANDREW


Jack White wants to play the first vinyl record in space. Apparently, this can be achieved with the aid of a ‘space-proof’ turntable and high-altitude balloon. It is said the singer’s Third Man Records will try to beam Carl Sagan’s “A Glorious Dawn” from orbit. On Saturday, 30 July, Third Man Records will bid to play the first vinyl record in space.


Third Man published a blog outlining plans to celebrate its seventh anniversary by playing said 12-inch master of Carl Sagan’s “A Glorious Dawn” in orbit. The selection was previously pressed and distributed as a 7-inch in the record label’s first year of operation, 2009. What is more it was chosen because it was the label’s three millionth record pressed.


The Icarus Craft, a custom-built “space-proof” turntable attached to a high-altitude balloon, was designed by Kevin Carrico. Non-profit programme Satins, Students and Teachers in Near Space, will also assist with the mission. Third Man will host parties at its Cass Corridor and Nashville locations, in which fans can witness the mission. It will stream online, also.



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