Jane Lynch Cast In Netflix Comedy ‘Mascots’ | TV News

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Jane Lynch Cast In Netflix Comedy ‘Mascots’ | TV News



Earlier this year, it was announced that Christopher Guest would be writing and directing a Netflix original comedy called Mascots. The show is set to be a mockumentary based on the world of mascots for major sports teams who are trying to make it big. Guest’s biggest projects include This Is Spinal Tap as well as For Your Consideration, however this will be his biggest project since 2006.


Joining the cast is Glee‘s Jane Lynch, acting legend Bob Balaban and The House Of YesParker Posey. They weren’t the only cast to be announced; 2 Broke Girls‘ Jennifer Coolidge will also star as well as comedian John Michael Higgins. Finishing off the revealed cast was Chris O’Dowd, who has previously worked with Guest on his 2013 short series Family Tree. Just from the cast, this looks like a comedy to definitely keep an eye on!



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