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Jay Hardway – Need It | New Music

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Jay Hardway – Need It | New Music


Jay Hardway has just released his new single titled “Need It”, which is also available on Spotify and iTunes. This DJ has already achieved very big successes with the song “Golden Pineapple”, which was number 1 in the Beatport’s Future House chart. He had also collaborated with very popular DJs such as Martin Garrix.


The new track is a typical electronic song but the vocal parts make this song interested. Speaking about the new track, Jay Hardway said, “I’ve been working on this track on and off for about 2 years. After multiple versions, I decided to stick with this version with a retro feel to it. The melody has always been the main part of the project, but I needed something to build up to it.


So, I decided to work with friends and songwriters Dennis Baffoe, Rupert Blackman and Tim Boomsma, who immediately felt the song and had a good idea about what energy the vocals should have. I’m really proud of the end result and the track is always a very special moment during my sets.”


Keep your eyes on this Amsterdam DJ as he going to become very popular in due course. Listen to his new track below.




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