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Jennifer Ann – Fantasy | New Music

Conversations About Her

Jennifer Ann – Fantasy | New Music


Minnesota-born Jennifer Ann has unveiled her second single titled “Fantasy” which is from her upcoming EP Take Me Home. The EP will be available on December 1. Take Me Home will be the classical artist’s first foray into contemporary pop.


The now London-based singer grew up in a surrounded environment of her father’s music collection, such as Neil Young, The Beatles and Crosby, Still & Nash. The musical environment made her start singing in choirs, performing the flute in orchestras and becoming fluent in playing the piano from a young age.


Jennifer wrote that “Fantasy” was written at “the end of 2016 after the US elections had just happened, when the world felt like it was descending into chaos”. The single glimpses back home while flourishing on escapism and the defensive capability of transporting yourself elsewhere during moments of personal upheaval.


“Something happens to us when we get on the tube in London – we become very self-centred and not very friendly sometimes […] how often do we actually tell the truth when someone asks how we are, even when it’s written on our face? And how often when we ask the question are we actually searching for the real answer?”


Listen to the beautiful classical composed single “Fantasy” by Jennifer Ann below.




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