Jennifer Lopez And Skrillex Have Been ‘Playing Around In The Studio’ | Music News

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Jennifer Lopez And Skrillex Have Been ‘Playing Around In The Studio’ | Music News


Jennifer Lopez and Skrillex. Two people who, years back, I couldn’t even imagine as friends let alone working on music together. Now though, footage of JLo and Skrillex dancing to music they concocted doesn’t seem as strange since the genre-spanning producer played a big role in Justin Bieber‘s 2015 album, Purpose.


In an article posted on March 24 by Dancing Astronaut, they mentioned how Skrillex was “diversifying his portfolio once again” by working with Poo Bear and J Balvin who, it turns out, is close with JLo. By comparing two pictures of a studio, the website thought that JLo could be in on it too. Judging by Lopez’s Instagram post on March 31, she is indeed working with Skrillex and Poo Bear at least.


The video only lasts for around fifteen seconds, but the track already sounds catchy and features one of Skrillex’s trademark sounds towards the end.


Skrillex has proven that his own brand of sound can be used with dubstep, electronica, metal, reggae, pop, and more, so I am confident that this new collaboration of artists will be the ingredients for another hit.


Watch Lopez “playing around in the studio” with Skrillex below:


Playing around in the studio w @skrillex @poobear #US

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