John Green To Make Film About Football Team AFC Wimbledon | Film News

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John Green To Make Film About Football Team AFC Wimbledon | Film News


Young Adult author John Green, famous for penning The Fault In Our Stars and most recently Paper Towns, has revealed he will write and produce a film about English football club AFC Wimbledon.


In a post on Medium, Green, who is just as famous for his internet blogging than his YA fiction writes:


Most of my professional life has been devoted to telling stories for and about teenagers. But after my novels The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns were adapted into movies, I pitched the producers (Temple Hill) and studio (Fox 2000) of those movies a somewhat different story, about the greatest underdog sports story you’ve never heard, starring a bunch of middle-aged people with absolutely no athletic talent.


And today, an agreement was announced, so I wanted to drop by Medium and explain why my next film project is about not American teenagers but a lower league English football club.


In a recent Reddit AMA, Green also revealed that the project would be a “docudrama’ with “comedic moments”.



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