Kehlani Announces Date For Release Of New Album | Music News

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Kehlani Announces Date For Release Of New Album | Music News



Last week, Kehlani had announced the release of a new album, SWEETSEXYSAVAGE, and she has just announced the date the album will drop. Friday, January 27 will be the lucky date where all our inner savages will be let out to party to Kehlani’s music.


The American singer has also revealed the cover art for the album, starring a naked Kehlani showing off all her tattoos in front of a sunset painted background, and which was shot by Brick and James McCloud.


The album is a shoutout for all women to not be afraid to have layers and be complicated, as the singer shared on Twitter her thoughts “As women we are told that we cannot be multi layered, we are put in boxes.. we can’t be all the above.. reclaim yourself”. 


It’s only a month and we cannot wait for Kehlani’s debut album.



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