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Kelela – Rewind | New Music

Conversations About Her

Kelela – Rewind | New Music



Kelela has released her new track ‘Rewind’ from her EP Hallucinogen which is due for release on October 9 via Warp Records. Her 2013 mixtape, Cut 4 me, earned a lot of praise from music critics as well as other artists such as Solange Knowles and Bjork.


Speaking about her new EP she comments:


“I think there’s something particularly ‘Kelela’ about starting on a somber note;” She expands, “I think it’s more honest and realistic to start with the ultimate low, but equally there has to be hope, and this is where “Rewind” comes in”.


She talks about her style of music and how she questioned “is there a place for a weird black girl in this music?’ – I had to make sense of these two things inside myself, the color of my voice in all it’s R&B glory and all the other music that was resonating with me.”


You can listen to Rewind below via Soundcloud



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