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Kiara Nelson – Cool My Rush | New Music

Conversations About Her

Kiara Nelson – Cool My Rush | New Music

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Kiara Nelson is an 18 year old Finnish-Swedish-American singer who currently resides in Helsinki. She has just released her first single “Cool My Rush” which has already been getting positive attention, including getting power play from YleX, the Finnish equivalent of BBC, who are comparing her to Dua Lipa and Zara Larsson.


In an interview with YLEX (which has been translated from Finnish so may be slightly different in translation) she says a bit about herself and her music:


Who is a role model for you?


“Artists Rihanna and Ariana Grande. I’ve always loved Rihanna and her musical style. She is a really good performer and has the courage to be herself. Ariana is one of the world’s best singers. Her voice immediately recognisable. You can tell that she loves what it does”


What is the meaning of your lyrics?


“Depends a bit on the situation and on my mood. If the beat is really good or sound, lyrics that may not be so important. In most cases, however, the lyrics mean a lot to me”.


Who is a typical Kiara Nelson fan?


“Typical fan of mine as a teenager and about older. They like to listen to r’n’b, pop-style music and loves to dance”.


Listen to “Cool My Rush” below and follow music updates via her Facebook here.




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