Kim Viera + Daddy Yankee - Como | Music Video - Conversations About Her

Kim Viera + Daddy Yankee – Como | Music Video

Conversations About Her

Kim Viera + Daddy Yankee – Como | Music Video


This video will let you feel the classic summertime blues and long for the West Indies; the music will make you want to dance, with the vibe growing and growing until you can’t get the melody out of your mind!


This fresh and already successful collaboration – almost 5 billions views on VEVO after less than three days- teams up Reggaeton legend Daddy Yankee and on-the-rise artist Kim Viera.


Como” is a total dancing hit, characterised by Latin sounds and a catchy rhythm on a classical Reggaeton beat. Viera’s unique voice and the undeniable performance and romantic Spanish rap by Daddy Yankee is a perfect match. The original aim of the song was indeed to combine both Kim’s cultures, Puerto Rican and American.


The two artists were already connected over their shared roots, and together created an anthem in the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Maria which hit Puerto Rico last year; the clip is a sort of promotion – as if there was need – of such paradisiac exotic places, with panoramic shots over beaches, ocean and waves. Then of course the scene shifts into a club, to celebrate the nature of the song.


Daddy Yankee is known worldwide; he’s the one who gave birth to unforgettable Latin hits like “Gasolina“, “El Ritmo Non Perdona“, “Shaky Shaky“. About a year ago, through Viera’s manager, he listened to the first version of “Como” and decided to collaborate with the native Bronx singer on it.


Viera, who hopes to release an EP soon and will be appearing as a singing voice in the upcoming Netflix series Motown Magic, feels more than honoured to have worked on a project with one of the Reggaeton kings. What a good start for her!




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