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Klyne – Closer | Music Video

Conversations About Her

Klyne – Closer | Music Video



If clowns scare the bejeebers out of you then close the browser now! This is not for the feint hearted people scarred with coulrophobia. If you’re brave enough, then proceed with caution to watch a man with a blue afro and face paint dancing his heart out on a countryside road, much to the fear of local bystanders. Released in audio format a few weeks ago, Klyne‘s “Closer” is a synth heavy track with an electronic backdrop resembling an early classic Metronomy sound, but with more attention on refined pop vocals. As smooth as you like, this catchy tune which will effortlessly grab your attention.


These two dutch musicians claim the single is “about someone going to the extreme in order to reach their lifelong desire, and at the same time coping with the fear that their fate might already be decided” and “one of life’s greater beauties is when a person breaks free of these psychological limitations“. “Closer” will be compiled with Klyne‘s previous release “Paralyzed/Entropy” on a 12” vinyl along with a new forthcoming track called “Waiting”. Additionally, they are writing a debut album, which will be out next year.


Directed by Jon Olav Stokke, watch the video for Closer below:




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