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KWAYE – Lost In My Boots | New Music

Conversations About Her

KWAYE – Lost In My Boots | New Music


The Zimbabwe-born, London-raised singer/songwriter KWAYE has unveiled his latest single “Lost In My Boots” through Mind of a Genius. “Lost In My Boots” is a song which encapsulates relationship woes and acknowledges the pain that you might go through with your partner. 22-year old KWAYE explains it with his own words as:


‘Lost in My Boots’ came to me at a point where I was losing faith in my relationship, and fearing the worst. I placed myself in my partners shoes. I imagined the hurt, the betrayal, and the heartbreak they would feel if I was to end it all, and the strength and perseverance I believed they would have to get through it all.


The song is also a lyrical ode to the African American experience, better days that have been promised and broken throughout history, plus the strength and excellence in spite of these adversities.


The new track has a nice soulful vibe mixed with a jazzy undertone, together with KWAYE’s amazing and smooth R&B voice that makes it an unique track.


Listen to KWAYE’s newest single right here!




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