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Laura Marling – Soothing | Music Video



The British folk singer-songwriter, Laura Marling, has just released a music video for her single, “Soothing”, as well as announced a new album coming out, Semper Femina, which will be released through her record label More Alarming Records on Friday, March 10.


This is her sixth album, and it’s yet a different sound as Marling likes to change her style and musical direction. This time, the songwriter has decided to go for a sensual tune and to make her self-directed video express that need for soothing, with women dressed in latex dancing on a bed, and a couple dancing in a hall with their family watching. The song goes from being quite frightening to being very relaxed and, just as the title suggests, soothing.


Although this is quite far from the folk music Marling is known for, “Soothing” and Semper Femina explore issues such as sexuality which are very relevant in a world where people explore and discover sexuality and music every day.


You can watch the video for “Soothing” below.




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