‘Legend Of Tarzan’ Writer In Talks To Write ‘Suicide Squad’ Sequel | Film News

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‘Legend Of Tarzan’ Writer In Talks To Write ‘Suicide Squad’ Sequel | Film News


It seems nobody at Warner Bros. learnt much from the relative critical disaster, Suicide Squad. Instead of perhaps trying to hire writers with a bold creative vision, or perhaps people that worked on the original comic books, they’re reportedly going with one of the safest options possible.


The Legend Of Tarzan writer, Adam Cozad, is in talks to write the sequel to the failed attempt at bringing the ragtag band of villains to the big screen.


Now, Cozad isn’t a bad writer. The Legend Of Tarzan was fine, but it was also generic, one of those films to sort of have on while you’re doing something else. The other film he’s penned? Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, which falls into the same category. The silver lining? Both of those films were better than Suicide Squad.


With no director currently attached, but with names like Mel Gibson being rumoured, the sequel is off to an odd start. In a perverse way, the idea of crazy maniac Gibson at the helm of a superhero film written as safely as possible in order to appease disgruntled fans sounds like a recipe for disaster, but an oddly entertaining one.


More appetising would, of course, be an excellent film, but who knows if that’s possible at this point. At least we can hope for something special from the Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy/Catwoman spinoff, Gotham City Sirens, while we wait for positive news regarding a Suicide Squad sequel.



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