Liana Bank$ – Leave Me Alone | New Music – Conversations About Her

Liana Bank$ – Leave Me Alone | New Music

Conversations About Her

Liana Bank$ – Leave Me Alone | New Music

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Liana Bank$ is 25 year old singer songwriter from Queens. Whilst growing up around a family of accomplished musicians she naturally ended up gravitating to her creative side, and began at at early age to express her talents through writing songs. has shared her new track “Leave Me Alone”. Now, she is becoming more established in the music industry, and has just released her new track “Leave Me Alone” which you can listen to below.


Liana has had rave reviews including Noisey expressing she has a “voice packed with the kind of sultry, laidback tones to rival Rihanna’s” and OkayPlayer adding she “steps into he limelight to push her own sound”.


“Leave me Alone” is the third track taken from the upcomming mixtape Insubordinate which is soon to be announced for release. The song is based around an instrumental track of the same name by UK producer Mura Masa. Liana says of the song:


“It’s such a strange place to be in, when the person you consider your ‘medicine’ is also
your poison. When every time it gets better it also gets worse. There’s a quote I’ve always loved by Osho that says ‘if you love a flower, don’t pick it up’. As beautiful as they are, flowers -once picked- are just a countdown away from expiring. You get to admire them, put them in your finest your vase, take in their scent. But what about the flower? That’s what’ “Leave Me Alone” is about. Don’t pick a flower unless you plan to replant it, ya know?”




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