‘Line Of Duty’: Series 3, Episode 2 | TV Review

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‘Line Of Duty’: Series 3, Episode 2 | TV Review

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By the second episode, it is clear that so much is going on in the Anti Corruption Unit itself as well as with the other investigations. This makes it quite difficult to follow if you aren’t up to date with the series’, however, there is a short catch-up clip on iPlayer that provides a good bit of background.


In this episode, Kate is making the most of being undercover and puts pressure on Danny Waldron‘s armed response unit to gather more information. It is clear to viewers that Danny’s team are covering up for something other than what has been shown.


It is revealed towards the end of the episode that Harry is potentially being blackmailed by an unknown male, and that Dot is clearly a corrupt copper after hiding evidence (furthermore, he’s been involved in a previous police corruption case).


Whilst the case investigating Danny’s death is going on, there is a trial of a corrupt officer previously investigated by AC12. Again, this will mean little to people who haven’t watched the other series’. Regardless, it’s clear that there is a question mark over Steve‘s actions during this particular case.


More will be revealed next week, but things are looking complicated for AC12.



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