Little Big Town – One Of Those Days | New Music

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Little Big Town – One Of Those Days | New Music



Little Big Town have taken a step away from what they’re known for to produce something that may be seen as a risk to many Country fans out there. Their recent collaboration with none other than Pharrell Williams sees him at the helm of producing their upcoming album Wanderlust which releases worldwide on June 10 2016.


“One Of Those Days” dropped less than a day ago leaving fans eager to get their hands on the upcoming album. The song may sound different to the four-piece groups usual releases, but it goes to show that they are not afraid to follow their musical passion and take steps towards areas experimenting and expanding on their existing sound.


Pharrell’s’ work with the group shows straight of the get go. Similar in style to one of his most recognisable songs to date “Happy.” His work with Little Big Town has led to an all around upbeat sounding piece that’s not just uplifting, but cleverly composed to bring to the forefront Little Big Town’s harmonious sound.





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