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LL – S A L T | Music Video

Conversations About Her

LL – S A L T | Music Video



Up and coming artist LL has released her new music video for her track “S A L T”. The video is minimalistic yet sensual and LL had total control of the artistic process, from directing her own visuals to carefully picking and collaborating with each member of her team to ensure she maintains perfectionism and her identity. Her debut single is only the beginning of whats to come with her innovative R&B/Pop fusion.


LL says of “S A L T”:


“When we think of pain, we often associate it to the negative, heart break etc. but for the destructive, broken soul, there’s actually a different kind of pain in healing and being loved. There’s a beautiful conflict here. S A L T is the natural metaphor to express this – it’s used to clean and heal wounds but it hurts. It’s raw, just like the track and there’s room to play with a concept like this and explore much deeper connotations… Like when a destructive soul comes into the light, it can sometimes push away things that are beneficial. That’s a relatable notion to me and where the next layer comes in… Choose the light or stay in the darkness”.


You can find the video below and updates of her music here.




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