Lorde Co-Signed Irish Artist By Posting On His Facebook Wall | Music News

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Lorde Co-Signed Irish Artist By Posting On His Facebook Wall | Music News



Lorde is definitely a big supporter of new and upcoming artists: look at how she helped Kiwi duo BROODS in becoming one of the most exciting acts of 2015. In the last few days, Lorde decided to endorse a new artist, this time miles away from her home country.


EDEN is a 20-years-old singer and producer from Ireland, and “sex” is his first single off his upcoming EP i think you think too much of me, due out on August 19.


The New Zealander sweetheart decided to express her excitement about the Irish singer in a very old fashioned way: instead of tweeting him, or reaching out for a talk, Lorde candidly decided to leave a message on EDEN’s Facebook page.


lorde facebook


EDEN didn’t even notice the message until two days later, when he replied to the popstar, as if she was a normal fan.

eden facebook




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