‘Luther’ Returning For A Fifth Season | TV News – Conversations About Her

‘Luther’ Returning For A Fifth Season | TV News

Conversations About Her

‘Luther’ Returning For A Fifth Season | TV News


Despite Idris Elba‘s rising status in Hollywood, he hasn’t forgotten what his first big role did for him. He’s set to return as homicide detective John Luther as the BBC has commissioned a new four-part instalment of its riveting crime series Luther.


Creator Neil Cross is back on board to helm the production, which is set to begin early next year. He said in a statement:


“Because we love John and wonder what he’s up to, in the end, we picked up the phone to some old friends and asked if they’d like to find out what happens next. It turns out, they would. So that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to find out what happens next”.


Elba added: “I am thrilled that we have been able to bring it all together. I look forward to putting the coat back on”.


The most recent instalment of the show aired in December 2015, and the series has been steadily growing in popularity since its debut in 2010, picking up seven Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe award for Lead Actor In A Miniseries Or Movie for Elba in 2012.


So, great news for fans of a show that, in typical British fashion, has been running for seven years yet has aired less than 20 episodes. Yet when it’s “compulsive, unnerving television”, as BBC America President Sarah Barnett called it, it’s proof that quality always trumps quantity.



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