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MÁDAM – Doers | New Music

Conversations About Her

MÁDAM – Doers | New Music


NYC-based Brazilian Marina Maiztegui, better know as MÁDAM, has revealed her inspirational new track “Doers“. The idea behind the song is to encourage people to come back from dreaming and actually start doing something to make the dreams come true.


The new electro-pop tune features soulful Marina’s vocals and funky beat. The groovy sounds match with beautiful thought-provoking and motivating lyrics. The singer-songwriter believes that music is able to influence people’s lives:


“Music has the power to unite, as well as create a safe an accepting environment. It allows us to communicate in an universal language and express our true selves in a unique way”.


Berklee College of Music graduate Marina has announced that she is working on her first album, which is supposed to come out next year along with a post-release East Coast tour. Stay tuned with MÁDAM here. Listen to “Doers” below.




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Gintarė Lomsargytė

Gintarė Lomsargytė

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Gintarė Lomsargytė

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