Mads Mikkelsen To Star in Thriller ‘Arctic’ | Film News

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Mads Mikkelsen To Star in Thriller ‘Arctic’ | Film News


Mads Mikkelsen, fresh off a year where he appeared in two of 2016’s biggest films (Rogue One, Doctor Strange) is set to star in Arctic, a thriller from director Joe Penna. The film will reunite Mikkelsen with Martha De Laurentiis, executive producer of his Hannibal TV series.


Arctic is, unsurprisingly, set in the arctic where a man is awaiting rescue after being stranded. However, a tragic accident foils his opportunity and he must decide on whether to remain in the relative safety of his camp or wander out into the unknown in a risky attempt to free himself.


It’s an intriguing match. First, you’ve got a middling premise that doesn’t sound all that original. But, you’ve got a high class actor who elevates pretty much anything he’s in. The wildcard is perhaps Penna, a Brazilian YouTube star who has turned to directing short films, with Arctic being his first feature.


So all bets are off as to how this turns out. It’s likely a step back for Mikkelsen from reeling in cushy cheques from Disney, but if the unknown qualities of Penna and the script turn out to be gems, this could end up surprisingly good.



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