Malika – I Live | Music Video – Conversations About Her

Malika – I Live | Music Video

Conversations About Her

Malika – I Live | Music Video


Malika took her family members, aka The Shady Bunch on a ‘carpool karaoke’, made them sing her track “I Live“, filmed everything and here we have a joyful and entertaining DIY-style music video.


London-based R&B singer had a very productive year – besides collaborations on records for Snakehips, Autograf and others, she also released her debut EP Songs About C. “I Live” is one of the six tracks from the record, make sure you listen to all of them.


The video premiered on The Independent, who previously mentioned her on their Ones to watch 2018 list and called her “one of the most arresting voices to emerge from the city in a long time“. Malika’s voice is indeed captivating – it’s very soft but incredibly powerful at the same time.


The fun visuals feature the artist’s mother, father, brothers, sister, grandmother and nephew. The release of the main video is accompanied by series of outtakes/bloopers with a clip for each family member. You’ll find the music video and one of the bloopers below:





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